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We guarantee you the best price and great savings on your vehicles, no matter who you are. We work with a variety of different customers and it is our diverse client base that helps us really understand your needs.


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Individuals – No matter your stage in life, we can work with you to find a car or provide you with finance options. We know that life is different for everyone and we have a range of options available to suit you, your budget and your needs.

Businesses and Fleet Customers – If your business relies on vehicles to be able to perform, you already know that vehicle expenses can be one of the biggest expenses on your balance sheet. We don’t pretend to be able to erase that cost, but we do strive to reduce it. If you would like to see those expenses reduced, contact us today.

Businesses, not-for-profit and strategic partners

Not-For-Profit – The last thing you need to be worried about in a NFP organisation, is the cost of your vehicles to get you from A to B. We help many NFP clients, organising finance options and providing the best deals when it comes to vehicle pricing.

Financial Institutions – We work with credit unions, finance providers, mortgage brokers and banking customers. Our non complete arrangements mean you retain your clients finance, while we work on securing the best new car prices.

Motor Dealers – Our trusted dealer network of over 100 dealers nationally help us get the price you deserve.

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